The Navarro Vives Archive authenticates works attributed to J. Navarro Vives, being the only authentication body authorised and recognised by the artist.

  1. The Navarro Vives Archive authenticates original works only. It does not authenticate graphic works, reproductions or dedications.
  2. To determinate authenticity, please send the following:
    • A high-resolution image of the work (front and back)
    • The exact dimensions, signature and date of the work
    • Any other information you may have on the work (provenance, previous owner, history, source, etc.)

Catalogue raisonné

The Navarro Vives Archive has begun compiling information on works by artist J. Navarro Vives to produce a catalogue raisonné of his pictorial oeuvre.

During the first phase, the catalogue raisonné will be limited to oil paintings on any support surface.

If you have information, details or photographs to contribute to this project, please send your name and contact details.